Innovative Mortgage Solutions is all about finding the right mortgage for you.  Whether you’re looking for finance for your new home or are looking to refinance your existing home with a smarter mortgage solution, we can help guide you in your research.

Innovative Mortgage Solutions serve clients nationwide.  Be sure to check out some of our mortgage offers to find the best solution for you.  Our mortgage calculator can also assist you in the process of financing your home.

Pre-approval of Mortgage Loans

Getting the mortgage process started as soon as possible is generally the best idea, even before you start looking at properties.  It will help you know how much you can afford which in turn determines what kind of house you may be able to purchase.  It gives you a realistic starting point when starting the home finding and buying process.  Having a pre-approved loan proves that you are a serious buyer and could give you an advantage when negotiating a price with the vendor.

Specialist Mortgage Broker

Mortgage programs and requirements can often seem confusing and using a broker to help unpack all the features you will need is often the smartest move.  They look at all aspects of your household income and property price to work out what is going to work the best for you.  A specialist broker will know all the requirements for mortgage applications and can source the best possible deal for you.  They are also in the know regarding restrictions and admin requirements saving you time and headaches.

There are several benefits to refinancing your mortgage so it’s a good idea to periodically see what your options are.

How Would Refinancing Benefit Me?

  1. Significant Savings by lowering interest rate and monthly payments.
  2. Consolidate debts as mortgage rates are often less than consumer loans.
  3. Reduce mortgage term and make significant interest savings.
  4. Access equity in order to do home renovations, purchase a vehicle, etc.
  5. Eliminate private mortgage insurance due to reduction of principal and sometimes appreciation in value.